Passing kidney stones

Having a family member endure passing kidney stones, could be one of the most excruciating experiences and pain a person can deal with in his lifetime.

Passing kidney stones is painful

Kidney stones could vary in sizes, ranging from small ones, that could easily pass through the ureters and eventually through the urethra without causing any problems… then you have the large ones that couldn’t pass through at all and needs surgery in order to remove it. The agony lies when you are passing kidney stones that are just as big as the openings of the kidneys and ureters. As your kidney naturally pushes it out of the system, it can scrape along the walls and lacerate its way as it moves.

The urine passing over the lacerated areas could be like pouring alcohol on an open wound. It has a very excruciating effect and the sad thing is, you simply cannot do anything during its onset. Slightly changing your position may give a little relief, but the fact that the stone will still move again is still there.

Walking it off, just like most people do, could work both ways: it could relax the muscles and facilitate the passing of the stone better, or it could lodge the stone deeper on the walls making it doubly painful.

Is there something a person can do to ease the pain?

Although there is little you can do during the time that you are suffering the kidney and lower back pain of passing kidney stone, you can however totally prevent it from happening.

Large stones eventually start small but by drinking lots of water everyday, you can inherently flush your kidneys to remove the smaller stones as well.

If your body tells you that you need to urinate, then by all means go, do not try to force and prevent yourself from urinating as this could increase your chances of urinary tract infection and further accumulation of crystals in the urine.

Frequent movement, like during exercise, may also help dislodge any stones adhering to the kidney walls… thus passing them out while they are still small. Exercise may also crumble the larger stones in the kidney, hence increasing the chances of flushing them out painlessly.

Citrus fruits and juice are also known to increase the acidity of the kidney environment, thereby dissolving calcium citrate stones. So the large stones that are blocking the urinary tract, can be dissolved and can freely flow with the urine.

Whatever the size and type of kidney stone you are suffering from, it is good to see the doctor immediately and as soon as pain or anything unusual is felt. That way the proper diagnosis and treatment could be done before it escalate into something severe.